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Starting in June 2020, Opinum will expose datasets from different data vendors on the Opinum Marketplace. One of the most searched dataset is weather data. In the energy sector, external parameters such as outside temperature can be helpful to explain heating consumption behaviour.
One of the first data vendor present on the Opinum Marketplace is meteoblue. They can provide all weather simulation data, forecasting up to 14 days and historical time series since 1985, required in Water & Power sectors.

“With the PV power forecast from meteoblue, which is available for every point on earth, one of our customer enhanced his building management tool for private PV system operators with various functionalities, such as an efficient heating control, a battery storage management and a PV yield monitoring.” - meteoblue

All energy actors can benefit from these data: for example, solar producers could use high precision weather data from any location worldwide, to assess the performance of their PV system compared to the expected yield. Using the solar radiation and pv reference yield forecast data from meteoblue, they can also predict the power production and earnings, as well as meet regulatory obligations and plan maintenances smartly.

meteoblue provides similar data for the wind sector.

Weather data can also benefit energy traders to predict production volumes and prices; as well as grid operators to predict load and stability of your grid.
Once you have selected the dataset(s) in the Marketplace, these data will be accessible through your account as another source of data:


Here is a quick overview of the listed datasets from meteoblue:


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