Customer stories, Press release  |  October 26, 2022

Sopra Steria, one of Europe's leading technology companies, known for its consulting, digital services, and software publishing activities, and Opinum, a software editor specialized in the analysis and use of energy data, are working together to enable Enedis to offer a service to local authorities to support energy conservation in their regions.

Enedis, which manages the public electricity distribution network of 95% of metropolitan France, plays a key role in the energy and ecological transition as a data operator. To face the challenges of transitions, Enedis has chosen Sopra Steria and Opinum to provide conceding authorities and local authorities (cities for the main part) with a simple, efficient, and customizable data system to meet the challenges of the territories.

Opinum Data Hub, the solution provided by Opinum and deployed by Sopra Steria, enables large volumes of information to be processed securely. Enedis is the first major actor in the public sector to benefit from the capabilities of the Trusted Digital Platform (TDP), a sovereign cloud solution designed and operated by Sopra Steria and certified Open Trusted Cloud by OVHCloud. Sopra Steria is leveraging its experience in the energy sector for this project, as well as its infrastructure, integration, and consulting expertise.

Enedis thus facilitates access to energy consumption and production data for local authorities within a sovereign cloud. Each local authority has control over the use of its data and can create customized dashboards associated with the selected energy data, as well as analysis reports that can be automated. In addition, the local authority can determine a consumption threshold for certain uses and be alerted if it is exceeded.
This solution, provided by Opinum, is integrated into the new Enedis Local Authorities Portal, which was officially launched at the National Federation of Local Authorities (FNCCR) Congress in Rennes last September. The deployment and adoption of this solution and the new Enedis portal is underway in a context of extremely high expectations on the part of local authorities.

“We are proud to support Enedis in the transformation of the energy market and to enable local authorities to capitalize on the value of data to drive their energy transition. This collaboration with Enedis and Opinum illustrates our belief that digital technology plays a key role in transforming the sector and addressing environmental challenges,"

Franck Chevalley,
Director of Energy & Utilities, Sopra Steria.

"Having energy performance indicators is key to accelerating the energy transition. We are particularly proud to see the impact that our tool can have in the hands of Enedis and its teams to help cities better manage energy,"

Loïc Bar,
Founder and CEO, Opinum.




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